Retro Rewind

A little bit about us....

It all started with an addiction hobby to the classic computers I grew up with…..

From that hobby, a small business was born. Most of the products we sell came from a personal need. Why not share the results of scratching our itch with the rest of the retro computer community?

We are a budding home-based business. Unfortunately, this isn’t my only gig. I still work full time to keep the lights on, but focus my free time on Retro Rewind and advancing the retro computer community.

We are currently focusing on Commodore based machines including their 8 and 16-bit lines, but are working on expanding the products we carry to other 8 & 16-bit manufactures like Tandy and Apple.


Looking to contact us? Well, we have no dedicated office space or switch board. Contact us through our web contact form or send us an email at contact [at] our domain.

Purchasing and Returns

We currently use PayPal as our payment processing system. You do not need a Paypal account to shop with us. You can use all major credit/debit cards with PayPal. Paypal does not share credit/debit card details with Retro Rewind.

We currently only accept payment and/or ship to countries that Paypal offers sellers protection too. If our system doesn't allow you to purchase something then we are sorry, we can not sell to your area.

If you have a problem with something you purchased from us, please use our Returns form to apply for an RMA. We are more than glad to swap out anything that might not be working right or refund you your money if you aren't happy with our products.

Retro Rewind is a registered Canadian business. We might enjoy retro computers but we don’t enjoy having the tax man after us.