• Hitachi 6309 CPU

The Hitachi 63B09E is a pin-to-pin direct replacement for the 6809E found in all Tandy Color Computers. 

It's a CMOS chip with runs much cooler than the 6809E found in the CoCo and contains additional CPU registers and an enhanced instruction set that will bring significant performance compared to the stock 6809 CPU.

Please note: All 6809 CPUs are soldered onto the motherboard. If you don't feel comfortable or have the skill set to de-solder the stock 6809 and solder in the new 63B09E, we can help and do it for you.

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Hitachi 6309 CPU

  • Brand: Retro Rewind
  • Product Code: R-CO-63B09
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $18.00

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