• C64 ROM Replacement

As time passes, the reliability of our cherished Commodore 64 diminishes. After 40+ years, components begin to fail, particularly those manufactured by MOS themselves.

To ensure your 64 remains operational for another 40+ years, replacement chips, especially those no longer in production, become essential for the continued function of your 64.

We are pleased to introduce our ROM replacement for the Commodore 64.

Choose from the following options:

  • Kernal ROM (901227-03)
  • BASIC ROM (901226-01)
  • Character ROM (901225-01)
  • BASIC + Kernal ROM (251913-01) for Shortboard 64s

These replacements are designed to seamlessly replace the original ROMs used in the C64 and C64C. Simply remove the faulty ROM and install the replacement—no hassle, no fuss.

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C64 ROM Replacement

  • Brand: Retro Rewind
  • Product Code: R-64-ROMR
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $15.00

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