Looking to load up your 64 with 4 or 8 kernals without the hassle of switches or swapping rom chips? The SKS64 is for you.

bwack's SKS64 is an all-in-one solution providing switchless switching of 4 or 8 kernals (depending on your EPROM) by simply holding down the RESTORE key on your C64.

With our kit you get: 

  • Replacement RGB LED to identify which kernal you are on.
  • Replacement LED holder.
  • Wiring harness for EXROM, RESET and RESTORE lines.
  • Dual wipe IC socket.

There are two kits available: One for C64 Shortboards (250469) and one for C64 Longboards (326298, 250407, 250425 and 250466). Please identify which model you will need. If you aren't sure which model you currently have, please visit our Support Wiki for help identifying your board assembly number.

By using a 27c256 EPROM you can switch up to 4 kernals or switch up to 8 kernals by using a 27c512 EPROM.

You can find our more about bwack's SKS64 project here.

Full support and instructions can be found on our Support Wiki.

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C64 SKS64 Switchless Kernal Switcher

  • Brand: Retro Rewind
  • Product Code: R-64-SKS
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $47.00

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