The C64 Dead Test Cartridge is the ultimate cartridge to test your Commodore 64/64C/SX-64 ROM and RAM chips.

This cartridge is for testing the ROM and RAM chips only. If you want to test the other chips or the various I/O connectors then grab our C64 Diag or Dual Diag cart.

It can help you diagnose defective chips even it your Commodore can't boot up.

It can locate the defected chips for you even if your machine can't boot up to boot screen.

Simply plug it in and wait up to 60 seconds to see your results.

Full manual and support can be found on our Support Wiki

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C64 Dead Test

  • Brand: Retro Rewind
  • Product Code: R-64-DTEST
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $22.00

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